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Identity of www.papapostolou.gr
The web site www.papapostolou.gr belongs to PAPAPOSTOLOU N. SA, with secondary title PAPAPOSTOLOU Medical Equipment Center (Tax Office Number: 095029193, Tax Office Department: FAE Thessaloniki). The company’s headquarters are located at 4, Sintrivani Square in the center of Thessaloniki, Greece, and a branch lawfully operates in Athens, Neo Psychiko, at 93 Ethnikis Antistaseos Street.

The web site is an online presentation of PAPAPOSTOLOU’s company profile and product line, with an integrated online store. From all products presented, only those that have a retail price are available to be purchased online.

The online store operates under the terms and conditions stated below and making use of the store services requires that one has read and accepted them. If a user disagrees with any of the terms and conditions of the web site’s operation should subsequently refrain from using its services, otherwise is presumed to have accepted them as a whole.
PAPAPOSTOLOU Medical Equipment Center has integrated in www.papapostolou.gr all up-to-date security applications that concern user data and web services rendered.
Credit cards
Credit card information is entered by the user directly at the secure web page of Piraeus Bank that guaranties safety of transactions.  PAPAPOSTOLOU and www.papapostolou.gr do not interfere in the process, and thus has no access to credit card information in any way. Therefore, www.papapostolou.gr disclaims all responsibility regarding safety of credit card transactions.

Protection of personal data
PAPAPOSTOLOU follows the terms and regulations concerning the protection of personal data according to National Law (N.)  2472/1997.  All information collected by www.papapostolou.gr are given with the consent and approval of the beneficiary, having full knowledge, in order to be processed by PAPAPOSTOLOU for providing the required services.  PAPAPOSTOLOU will make use of personal data only for purposes requested by the user, and for no other purposes whatsoever.  Finally, PAPAPOSTOLOU will never make personal data of papapostolou.gr users available to a third party. 
Our company keeps records of personal data for as long as the user is registered at www.papapostolou.gr. Our users have the right to access, rectify or delete their personal data (article 12 of National Law 2471/1997), as well as the right to generally express any objections concerning the editing of their data (article 13 of National Law 2471/1997).
"Force Majeure" and electronic transactions
PAPAPOSTOLOU (and www.papapostolou.gr) reserves the right to alter delivery times in cases of “Force Majeure” (“greater force”) and unforseen sircumstances, such as weather conditions, strikes, etc. Delivery times may also be altered in cases of electronic predicaments or setbacks caused by failure of current technology. For example:
-The user sends an online order, which –for some unexplained reason- never reaches us.
-PAPAPOSTOLOU has no access to the Internet or e-mail services for reasons of “Force Majeure” (system breakdown, technical malfunctions, blackout, bad “Internet Service Provider” services, etc).

PAPAPOSTOLOU retains the right to alter delivery times for reasons of “Force Majeure” as described above, always informing customers about such changes beforehand. Furthermore, the company retains the right to claim reasons of “Force Majeure” (for example, an order never reached us for unknown reasons) without the obligation to prove the truth of the matter, since such thing would be impossible based on current technology.

Finally, PAPAPOSTOLOU has every right to recall information that is false due to type errors and / or oversights, with the obligation to always inform the customer within 3 days of the order placement.
Online purchases
All procedures for online purchasing through www.papapostolou.gr (order placement, pricing policy, methods of payment, shipping costs, return policy, service, etc) are clearly described in detail in our help at the bottom menu of the page and anyone using www.papapostolou.gr for online purchases is presumed to have read and accepted them.

PAPAPOSTOLOU has the right to alter or update the terms and conditions of transactions, always informing all users about such changes by immediately posting all information on the web site.
Questions - Contact
If you have any questions about your online purchases (prices, delivery costs, order status, etc) please contact Thessaloniki retail store at +30 2310 233 251, or storethes@papapostolou.gr.
For any questions concerning web page functions, please contact our web administrator at webadministrator@papapostolou.gr.

In order to exercise your rights according to National Law (N.) 2472/1997 (articles 11 to 13), please address to the National Customer Phone Line.


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