Papapostolou Medical Equipment Center has integrated in all up-to-date security applications that concern user data and web services rendered.

Credit Cards
Credit card information are entered by the user directly in the secure web page of Piraeus Bank that guaranties safety of transactions.  Papapostolou does not interfere in the process, and thus has no access to credit card information in any way.

Protection of personal data
Papapostolou follows the terms and regulations concerning the protection of personal data according to National Law (N.)  2472/1997.  All information collected by are given with the consent and approval of the beneficiary, having full knowledge, in order to be processed by Papapostolou Ltd for providing the required services.  Papapostolou will make use of personal data only for purposes requested by the user, and for no other purposes whatsoever.  Finally, Papapostolou will never make personal data of users available to a third party. 

Please also read our terms of use for more information concerning security.

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