Our web page has been updated! Papapostolou's online store has been integrated into, in an all-in-one dynamic web site.  For your security and privacy, please also visit security and our terms of use.

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If you had a medstore account, we inform you that medstore accounts are no longer valid for our new website, and users have to create a new account in order to buy online.  In our effort to offer the best web services possible, we developed a dynamic web page with completely up-to-date functionality, and, thus, keeping the account logs was not technically possible.  Furthermore, our users' personal data are protected and cannot be copied or transferred in any way. 

In case you have any problem concerning the creation of your account, please e-mail us at


Which products are available online?

From all the products that are presented in our web site, only the ones that have a price can be purchased online.  The products that don't have a price are not available online, due to characteristics that make their online purchase impossible.  Specifically, these products might either come with several "options" and customisations according to customer needs, or need actual presentation and product training by a product specialist, since they are high technology medical equipment.  

For every product that is not available online, customers can send us a product interest form and they will be contacted by our product specialist.  We would like to stress out that the products presented in our web site are only a fraction of Papapostolou's product catalogue, which is immense, and that our customers can learn more about our whole product line by contacting our sales departments in Athens, Thessaloniki, as well as our sales representatives in Patras, Volos, Heraklion and Chania.

Online Purchases 


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Price policy

All prices are in Euro and include VAT 24%, whether they refer to retail price, shipping expenses, etc.  Product prices in our online store may differ from prices at our retail stores (usually downwards), due to different pricing policy.  Furthermore, product offers in our online store are not necessarily valid at our retail stores.

→Lower VAT for purchases from islands:  According to the Greek VAT law, for islands that belong to the prefectures of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Dodekanisou, Cycladon and for Aegean Islands Thasos, Samothraki, Northern Sporades and Skyros, the VAT applied on products is reduced by 30%, provided that the purchase is made by a legal entity headquartered in one of the above areas and the sale is accompanied by a sales invoice.  In such cases, customers of our online store can normally order the desired products, and during the order processing (as long as the customer has requested an invoice), the VAT will be correctly calculated.  The customer will finally receive reduced product prices based on the VAT reduction.  The same goes for credit card payments:  The credit card will finally be charged with the correct -reduced- product price.  Reduced VAT does not apply for sales towards private persons and sales accompanied by receipts.  Furthermore, reduced VAT -by law- does not apply for shipping expenses and other shipping costs.

For all MedClub members, there is a special discount for products that belong to the program (products with the medclub icon).  In order to get the discount, the user must enter the MedClub member code in the relative field in the shopping cart.  The MedClub discount does not apply to products that are already offered at a discount.  Learn more about MedClub...  

Product browsing

From the vertical menu on the left, the user can browse through products and view them by medical specialty or product category.  What is the difference?  In order to make product browsing easier for healthcare professionals, we categorized our products by medical specialty and by product category.  So, for example, inside the medical specialty "cardiology", one can browse through cardiology monitors, while inside the general category "monitors", one can browse through all monitors. 


Shopping cart

You may add products (those that are available online) to your shopping cart or your favorites list.  The favorites list allows you to list products you are interested in for a future purchase, or for multiple purchases.  The shopping cart and the favorites list save your products even if you log out of your account. 

At this step, if you are a new user, you will be asked to create an account.  If you already have an account, you may enter your username (e-mail) and password, log in and continue shopping.  In both cases, provided that you don't leave the web site, your shopping cart and your favorites list are saved.


Shipping methods
You may choose to pick up your order from our retail stores in Athens or Thessaloniki, in which case there are no shipping costs, or have the order sent to you by courier at your account address or a different address that you specify. 

Shipping expenses

Our company has a long-term successful cooperation with ACS courier that allows us to offer low delivery expenses to our customers.  All shipping costs are calculated based on delivery area.  Specifically:


►For all areas within Greece that have an ACS branch in their range, shipping costs are 2 Euro, including VAT 24%.

►For areas that are out of range of an ACS branch (called "inaccessible areas"), shipping costs are 12 Euro, including VAT 24%.

Important notice: Delivery costs are calculated automatically according to the delivery area, and therefore the area of delivery must be correctly specified: Specifically, if your area cannot be found in the drop down menu "city / municipality", you should verify whether it is considered "inaccessible" or not.  In order to do so, please open here the list of inaccessible areas (pdf file in Greek).  If your area is in the list, then you must choose "Inaccessible Area", where shipping costs are 12 Euro, VAT included.  If your area is not found in the list, then please choose "Other, accessible area", where shipping costs are 2 Euro, VAT included.

In case of false area registration, Papapostolou retains the right to alter shipping expenses accordingly.  In such cases, the customer will always be informed before the execution of the order.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding shipping costs:

Tel: +30 2310 233 251 (Retail store)



Delivery Times
For products that are in stock, delivery time varies from one to five workdays.  For products that are not in stock, delivery time might vary from 5 workdays to one month.  In this case, customers will be contacted by phone in order to be informed about the exact delivery date.


In case an order includes products that are in stock and products that are not in stock, we take for granted that we send the order as a whole, according to the delivery time of the not-in-stock products, so that the customer is charged with delivery expenses only once.  You may request faster delivery of the in-stock products in the order comments, yet you should know that you will be charged with the shipping expenses for every separate delivery.


Finally, if your area is considered "inaccessible", your order may be delayed for an extra two to five workdays.


In any case where delivery takes more than five workdays, you will be contacted by phone in order to be informed about the exact delivery date and, if you feel that delivery time is not satisfying, you may cancel that part of the order. 


In rare cases of "Force Majeure", our company retains the right to alter delivery times, always informing the customer before the execution of the order.  Read more about "Force Majeure" cases in our help.


Payment methods

We offer our customers two choices of payment:
►cash on delivery, for which you will be charged an extra 1.5 Euro (VAT included) 
►through credit card, with no extra charges.  In this case, the user enters credit card information in the secure web page of Piraeus Bank that guarantees the safety of transactions. 

Learn more about the safety of transactions in our terms of use.



If you own a company, you may choose "invoice" and enter your company information. 

Final step 

In this step, you will be asked to check your order data one last time.  The system has added all order costs, adding product prices, delivery expenses, etc.  The grand total is the total cost of your order.

Important noticeIn case of false area registration, our company retains the right to alter shipping expenses accordingly.  In such cases, the customer will always be informed before the execution of the order.


Order Placement

After you successfully place the order, you will receive an e-mail with your order details.


Order Status
You can follow your order through "order status", or by contacting us at +30 2310 233 251 (retail store).

Cancellation of an order 
You may cancel an order, part of it or as a whole, and have no extra charges if the order has not been shipped.  However, if the order has already been shipped, you will be charged with all delivery expenses and will have to return the products to our retail stores in Athens or Thessaloniki at your own expense.  In this case, the products must come with their original packaging, accompanied with the receipt of purchase. 

Return policy

Our company accepts returns within two weeks of delivery, provided that the products come with their original packaging, accompanied with the receipt of purchase. 



For all our products we offer the manufacturer's warranty, which is usually stated clearly in the product description. If you have any questions about the warranty of a product, you may e-mail us at or contact us by phone at +30 2310 233 251 (retail store).


All our products available in our online store are technically supported at our retail stores in Athens or Thessaloniki. 



If you have any questions about your online purchases (prices, delivery costs, order status, etc) please contact Thessaloniki retail store at +30 2310 233 251, or


For any questions concerning web page functions, please contact our web administrator at

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