1D 1D
Standard Colposcope. Excellent optics for highest quality images. Fatigueless, simple and time-saving operation. Instant, three-dimensional pictures. Convergent viewing beam for fatigueless operation. Large working distance, ...more more
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Balance-o-matic mount Balance-o-matic mount
Balance-o-matic mounts for Leisegang Colposcopes ensure comfortable operation by using a counterbalance system. Horizontal and vertical movements can be controlled by a two-stage locking lever. ...more more
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C3/C6 C3/C6
Video Colposcope Electronic green filter enhances vascular image display without compromise of illumination Advanced and fast auto-focusing system ensures clear image Acetic acid and iodine reaction ...more more
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Tilt Stand Tilt Stand
The Tilt stand for Leisegang Colposcopes is easy to move. The column can be easily moved into any position. ...more more
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Upright Stand Upright Stand
The Upright Stand for Leisegang Colposcopes, on a lightweight, 5-wheeled spider base, rolls smoothly and is easily adjustable. Two of the five castors are lockable. ...more more
not available online
Video Camera Connection for Colposcopes Video Camera Connection for Colposcopes
Includes adaptor and video camera. ...more more
not available online
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