ENT equipment
Hygrotherm plus Hygrotherm plus
The irrigation unit with automatic decontamination system: The Hygrotherm plus is used for irrigations of the outer auditory canal by means of water which is warmed up to 37 degrees C in a flow heater. An unlimited water quantity to be sprayed off is ...more more
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LCS 100 LCS 100
The power source for warm-light and cauterization: The LCS 100 is equipped with a common connector for warm-light headlamp or nystagmus binoculars. Two different connecting cables to be attached to this socket realise the voltages necessary ...more more
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Rhinomanometer 300 Rhinomanometer 300
The Rhinomanometer 300 was conceived for determination of nasal respiratory resistance which is extremely important for diagnostics and control of therapy progress after surgical operations as well as for assessment of allergy tests and efficacy of applied ...more more
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Variotherm Plus Variotherm Plus
Thermic stimulation unit with autom. decontamination system: The Variotherm plus is used for caloric examination of the vestibular organ by means of water, with water temperature 20-47 degrees C and temperature accuracy +/- 0.5 degrees C. The ...more more
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