Mobile Screen "FG 95" Mobile Screen "FG 95"
The mobile screen/95 is ready for use in a few seconds and quickly back in park position. Its ease of motion, minimum weight, and height stability guarantee simplified use. The mobile screen equipped with one or two telescopic arms is ideal for mobile ...more more
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RFW Folding wall: Can be used as a screen or partition in a hospital or care facility. Benefits • The Plexiglas panels are opaque and yet translucent, and create a friendly atmosphere. • The folding wall ...more more
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One system - a wealth of possibilities. Inclined walls? Acute angles? No Problem! Wall connections that are infinitely variable by up to 180 degrees and are able to combensate for virtually any type of dissymmetry of the architecture. To ...more more
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Telescopic Arms "RTS", "RTI", "RTH" Telescopic Arms "RTS", "RTI", "RTH"
You won’t trip over anything hanging on the wall. This is the best reason for the use of telescopic arms, the screening systems which is only there when it is needed. Following use of the screen, simply push together and turn toward the wall. Your room ...more more
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Telescopic Cubicles "RKL", "RKS" Telescopic Cubicles "RKL", "RKS"
With the space-saving module, you can create a screen system in seconds that can be used for washing, changing clothes, as well as for radiation or inhalation treatment, as a corner or U-shape solution. The large-size version RKS 2820, provides ...more more
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