Gynaecology Units
AVE Birthing Bed AVE Birthing Bed
„AVE“ - Welcome to the world ▪ Possibility of alternating birthing positions by the woman in childbirth. The AVE birthing bed ...more more
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GRACIE Gynaecological workplace GRACIE Gynaecological workplace
10 Benefits Space Savings in Office An integrated position for an ultrasound examination saves space in the doctor's surgery and shortens the ...more more
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PURA Multifunctional Chair PURA Multifunctional Chair
Quick cleaning thanks to seamless upholstery. Pleasant design combined with compact proportions for easy treatment. Very comfortable loading area makes the patient´s stay more pleasant. Wide ergonomically adjustable armrest increases the patient´s ...more more
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S 41 S 41
One Unit for everything! The S 41 makes it possible to integrate all relevant medical technological devices required for gynaecological examinations into one treatment unit. International specialists worldwide have been involved in the development ...more more
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SELLA Multifunctional Chair SELLA Multifunctional Chair
SELLA Multifunctional Chair brings a number of advantages to both the immobile person and the attending personnel through its intelligent technology that aptly combines the necessary functions, ...more more
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VITA Birthing and Examination Chair VITA Birthing and Examination Chair
The concept of the chair emphasizes mainly maximum simplicity of controls underlined by an attractive design.Other key elements of this product include practical safety for the both the mother and the personnel (relating ...more more
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ΜUS 4000 II ΜUS 4000 II
Examination and treatment chair, electric motor-powered height adjustment from 500 to 900 mms, electric motor-powered pelvis part adjustment up to 20 degrees, electric motor-powered back rest adjustment up to 50 degrees, MEMORY (three programmable ...more more
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