MT-200 MT-200
Holter Software. Runs under WINDOWSTM 98/2000/XP Can be installed on most PCs or Cardiovit CS-200 System Electrode placement with real time ECG signal quality check directly on the PC. Automatically sorts 20 events NEW: Storage ...more more
not available online
Rapid Arc Rapid Arc
RapidArc™ - the next dimension in speed and precision RapidArc™ radiotherapy technology is a major advance from Varian Medical Systems that improves dose conformity ...more more
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Sema 200 Sema 200
station for management, archiving patient data of: ECG Exercise ECG Spirometry Ergospirometry ECG Holter NIBP Holter It can be upgraded for further analysis of the ECG for all the electrocardiographs of SCHILLER with: QT DISPERTION VECTOR ...more more
not available online
Sleep Software Sleep Software
Software for sleep monitoring for the oximeter 3403 FingerPrint Sleep and the capnograph - oximeter 9004 Capnocheck Sleep. Detailed characteristics are available in the (pdf) catalogue below (Sleepsoftware). ...more more
not available online
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