Not Invasive Blood Pressure Holters
System for the evaluation of hemodynamic parameters model MOBIL-O-GRAPH PWA made by the German manufacturer IEM ...more more
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BR-102 Plus BR-102 Plus
Long-term Blood Pressure Recorder. The discreet small-size BP monitoring unit Maximum comfort for your patients! The BR-102 plus gives the highest degree of patient comfort. It is distinguished by its small dimensions ...more more
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Diasys Integra Access Diasys Integra Access
The Diasys Integra Access ABPM Holter is a 48h. recorder with the Oscillometric mode. It is light weight approx. 195 gr. and it is easy to program it and print without the need of a PC. ...more more
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Diasys Integra II Diasys Integra II
The Diasys Integra II ABPM Holter is a multimodal 48h. recorder where in addition to the Ausculatory and the Oscillometric modes, the automatic mode analyses the signal and automatically selects the most suitable for the patient. It is light weight approx. ...more more
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Triolter Triolter
The unique Holter TRIOLTER can record simultaneously 2-channel ECG and ABPM with both modes (ausculatory, oscillometric). It is possible to calculate QT, Heart Rate Variability, AF, ST with the additional option of sleep apnea analysis during ...more more
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