130 LF
130 LF
country of origin: Spain
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Low Temperature Steam Sterilizer with Formaldehyde - LTSF

For processing heat-sensitive material.

Everything that was sterilized by ETO may be processed in the 130 LF. In addition, once the cycle is finished, products are ready for immediate use or storage, without airing times.

Technical Specifications
• Safe, economical and effective system.
• The 130 LF works with a sterilizing solution containing a minimal formaldehyde concentration (2%) that is supplied in disposable bags.
• The bag is placed in the consumption components compartment and its content is emptied automatically into the corresponding container, without the user's additional handling.
• The venting performed in the cycle is sufficient to vent the items. No additional aireation time is required.
• Controlled by Microcomputer and colour touch screen which allows easy access to the different working menus of the sterilizer.
• Linear graphic recorder with two channels (pressure and temperature)
• The emissions are diluted in a special tank before being disposed of down the drain, and the system complies with international regulations for such waste.
• Installation:
- All that is required to install the system is a water supply and a standard drain. The 130 LF need no venting to the exterior.
- No special location is required. It can be installed in the CSSD near steam sterilizers.
• Process management with a PC through and optional dedicated software - CSSDoc-.
• Traditional wrapping systems are used.
• Cycle monitoring is performed using standard chemical and biological indicators .
• One or two doors versions.

• Program 60° C
• Program 78° C
• Vacuum test

Dimensions (Width, Height, Depth) mm.
• Chamber: 320 x 320 x 900
• Total dimensions: 750 x 1850 x 1100  
• Weight (Kg): 400
• Volume (litres): 130
• Power: 6,6 KW

According to EN 14180: The Matachana 130 LF is the first sterilizer built in accordance with the International Technical Specifications of the Euroepan Norm for LTSF Sterilizers, EN 14180: "Sterilizers for Medical Purposes - Low Temperature Steam and Formaldehyde sterilizers - Requirements and testing".

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