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Advanced Fan-Beam DXA Technology 
One Pass™ Acquisition Technique; Multi-Detector Array Scanning Method
New 64 - 128 high-resolution multi element Ceramic digital detector array
New High Frequency X-ray Generator
Indexing Scan Table with Positioning Accessories
Motorized Table and C-arm
Dynamic Internal Reference System for Continuous Calibration
Computer Console
QDR Anthropomorphic Spine Phantom

Standard Computer Package
Computer Workstation with Dual Core 3 GHz
Windows® 7 Professional
250 GB hard drive
19” Widescreen LCD Monitor
HP Professional Series Color DeskkJet® printer
DVD RAM drive

Standard Configuration:
Hologic APEX 5™ Operating System
Automatic PASS/FAIL Quality Control
Express BMD™ 10 Second Acquisition
Single Energy Scan Display Capability
Window/Level Control for Image Optimization

Apex Productivity Tools
Express Exam™ Workflow Management
OneTime™ Auto Analysis with Histogram
ProTech with DXApro™
Auto Hip Positioning
Reposition/Rescan Feature
Automatic Scan Comparison for Serial Exams
Least Significant Change Configuration

Horizon Advance Reporting Solutions
QDR OnePage™ Report with Rate of Change Assessment
FRAX® 10 Year Fracture Assessment
New Dual Hip™ Report
New integrated Report Writer DX™

Horizon Scan and Analysis Protocols
AP Lumbar Spine with Automatic Low Density Analysis and Scoliosis Analysis
Proximal Femur, Automatic Low Density Analysis and Hip Structure Analysis (HSA)
Dual Hip™
Whole Body BMD
Advanced Body Composition™ Analysis with InnerCore™ Visceral Fat Assessment
IVA HD with Image Pro High Resolution Imaging Capability
Quantitative Morphometry
Integrated Physician’s Viewer with MXApro™
New Atypical Femur Fracture Assessment (AFF) High Resolution Imaging Capability
Pediatric Analysis for Spine, Femur, Forearm, Infant Spine, and Whole Body

DXA Practice Manager
Patient Database Manager
On-line Normative Reference Values and User-Definable Values
NHANES and Ethnic and Pediatric Reference Data
Context Sensitive Help
General Region of Interest
DAP Reporting
An EXACT e-business solutions project