Cranex 3Dx
Cranex 3Dx
country of origin: Finland
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  • ClearTouch™ control panel with simplified selections is located conveniently in the unit column for quick access
  • SOREDEX™ patient positioning system helps patient to keep still during exposure
  • The Automatic Exposure Setting (AES) function suggests exposure values based on patient size.
  • In-office imaging offers a faster treatment path for your patients and makes it possible for you to offer imaging services to your peers
  • 3D volume data obtained with CRANEX™ 3Dx can be used with a variety of 3rd party applications, e.g. drill guides, digital impressions and guided surgery
  • 5 fields of view accommodate multiple application areas in the head and neck region: 5 x 5 cm, 6 x 8 cm, 8 x 8 cm as standard and optional 8 x 15 cm and 13 x 15cm
  • The Minidose™ solution (MDS) enables very low dose imaging, e.g. in 5 x 5 cm FOV, effective dose is only 1/5 of a panoramic image! Good image quality can be maintained thanks to SARA™ technology
  • The WiseDose™ scaler in the control panel visualizes the relative dose for each program setting and guides you to use optimal program settings, especially in 3D imaging
  • The open software interface gives you the freedom to choose the most suitable solutions according to your actual needs
  • Stable patient positioning for both 2D , 3D imaging and cephalometric
  • Motorized chin rest and clear laser lights facilitate positioning of 3D volume
  • Straight-forward operation thanks to the simplified ClearTouch™ control panel design
  • Special head support assembly designed for large FOV imaging when the scanning time is slightly longer and the need for the patient to keep still is more vital
  • Frankfort Horizontal light in cephalometric imaging to confirm correct head position
  • Dose Control) for optimized image quality even when an object is moving or on the periphery of the anatomy


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