Endoscopy Accessories
6601A07 6601A07
DOSCOPY CABINET - Endoscopy cabinet for 7 endoscopes - Led on telescopic runners. - The height is 2020mm (including base) - The width is 900mm - The depth is 410mm ...more more
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7000K01 7000K01
ENDO-COMPRESSOR - The new endocompressor is for drying of all endoscopes and accessories. - The compressor type 230V-50Hz. - Is complete with tubing set 1,8m & 2m power supply - Also has air sterile ...more more
not available online
7880V00 7880V00
AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINE FOR ENDOSCOPY. - It is designed to connect the endoscope with all the channels separately (biopsy, suction, air-water and water jet), so it is the optimum solution for disinfection ...more more
not available online
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