Treatment Planning
Brachyvision Brachyvision
3D treatment planning for brachytherapy, that minimizing the time through unique characteristics as DOSE SHAPER. Unique characteristic the Inverse planning and the isodose changing with mouse in real time. ...more more
not available online
Eclipse Eclipse
A new 3D treatment planning and virtual simulation system , that combines advanced graphics with fast dose calculation, all based at windows and with the most accurate dosimetric algorithms MONTE CARLO. It fully embodied in the whole radiotherapy ...more more
not available online
Helios Helios
Together with Eclipse are an efficient inverse planning system for IMRT treatments. It includes libraries with dose constraints accelerating the inverse planning in less than one minute . Unique characteristic the possibility of user intervention ...more more
not available online
Variseed Variseed
It is worldwide the perfect treatment planning system for prostate cancer with seeds. It allows the planning and the following of the treatment in the same day , it is easy to use with unique planning tools and fast dose calculations. On ...more more
not available online
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