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The intelligent solution for the mobile ICU
The HAMILTON-T1 is designed to ventilate the adult or pediatric ICU patient at any place around the world. With its compact size of less than 6.5 kg, built in batteries with up to 5.5 hours operating time, 8.4” color touch screen and its high performance turbine, this ICU ventilator can accompany your patient within the hospital and between hospitals, whether on the ground or in the air. Its integrated high performing

NIV capabilities add state-of-the-art therapy options for any transport situation.
The HAMILTON-T1 delivers a cost-effective ICU ventilation solution that is appropriate for all patients – from pediatric to adult. In mobile ICU ambulances, in helicopters, in long distance ambulance jets, in intra-hospital transport, in emergency departments, and in the ICU, the HAMILTON-T1’s fast setup and easy management ensure the most appropriate treatment for every patient.

Worldwide availability of ICU ventilation
The HAMILTON-T1 is specifically designed to cover the needs of rescue personnel, health care teams, and their patients. It is the ideal choice for air ambulance teams as it can ventilate all patients, can run from any power source (AC or DC), is independent from compressed gas, and is approved for the flight environment. The HAMILTON-T1 offers a choice of sturdy mounting solutions to fit a broad variety of needs. The HAMILTON-T1 integrates solutions for mechanical mounts, worldwide electrical supplies, multiple gas supplies and on airway CO2 monitoring.

In addition to its unique features, the HAMILTON-T1 includes everything you expect from a high-performance ICU transport ventilator:

  • a choice of ventilation modes for invasive and optionally non-invasive ventilation
  • an extensive monitoring package
  • the ability to ventilate both pediatric and adult patients,
  • hot swappable batteries
  • automatic compensation of changes in barometric pressures
  • IPX4 protection against heavy rain

Discover the new HAMILTON MEDICAL videos about the company and the unique ventilation modes ASV and INTELLiVENT-ASV.

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