1/4/2012: SELENIA - Indisputable Superiority

SELENIA Digital Mammography Unit by HOLOGIC - leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostics products, recently awarded by FROST & SULLIVAN, maintains 56% of the U.S. and Canada markets and about 50% worldwide.

Hologic proudly counts more than 5,000 installations of the SELENIA digital mammography unit world wide.

SELENIA's indisputable superiority is sealed by the recent EUREFcertification. SELENIA is the only Digital Mammography unit in the world that has received the "Mammographic Type Test" certification by the European organization EUREF (European Reference Organization). 

A Vision of Clarity for Digital Mammography.

 SELENIA FULL FIELD DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY system, signals the beginning of a new era in the world of digital mammography. This elegant and innovative system combines the latest advances in technology with sophisticated information management capabilities.

  • Revolutionary Direct Ray Conversion Detector preserves image sharpness by completely eliminating light diffusion.
  • Largest digital detector in the industry 24x24 cm field of view accomodates almost all breast sizes.
  • Renowned High Transmission Cellular (HTC) Grid significantly reduces radiation scatter for higher contrast images.
  • Exclusive Smart Paddle System allows accurate easy positioning.



(click on the images for full size view - zooming available)

Selenia 709 RMLO small

Selenia 709 RMLO zoom

Selenia 709 RCC small

Selenia 709 RCC zoom


Selenia Brochure (pdf)


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