project stages

 Papapostolou's turn-key department undertakes:

Analysis of the equipment requirements (medical, hostelry, sterilization, kitchen, washing stations, hospital waste treatment, etc)
Zoning planning / Equipment planning preliminary analysis of the supply’s budget (record of the total list of products and quantities of the equipment (BoQ Bill of Quantities), record of the development per room, per product and quantities of the equipment (Room by Room BoQ)).
Analytical plans of equipment with their standard installation requirements.
Operational analysis of the required resources and electromechanical requirements.
Evaluation, selection and ideal adjustment of the equipment per case and needs.
Supply and installation of all the required equipment.
Staff training.
Full technical support of the equipment and supply of spare parts and disposables (after the opening of the hospital service contracts). 
Supervision of the installation up taking of the site management.
Turn key support and medical equipment management services (organization and up taking of the Biomedical Technology Department operation).

Organization of a total Logistics system (bar code).

Viability planning flow management analysis specification of the more efficient potentiality of the hospital (medical departments, number of beds, given services, etc) and total cost forecast.
Development of digital management of medical illustrations and data (PACS, RIS, HIS, etc).
Studies, operational planning of radiotherapy, radiology & nuclear medicine (in vivo in vitro hot lab).
Specialized planning, applications and constructions of particular requirements equipment installation and x-ray protection.
Computerization support of the hospital (patient card).
Hospital organization and management.

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