The ECG system CARDIOVIT MS-2010 is a lightweight, portable and compact ECG system with 10,4’’ color touch screen that accompanies you wherever you go. It is designed to be easy to be used while ensuring high quality ECG data & optional Spirometry data.

The ECG system CARDIOVIT MS-2010 is a lightweight, portable and compact ECG system with 7’’ color touch screen that accompanies you wherever you go. It is designed to be easy to be used while ensuring high quality ECG data.

Advanced diagnostic tools provides highest quality ECG analysis and the user friendly operation allows you to concentrate entirely on the diagnosis and treatment.

Patient data entry

Patients data details is succeeded through the on screen touch alphanumeric keyboard.

ECG diagnosis

Highly accurate signal and diagnosis

Interpretation software “C”: the interpretation “C” software from Schiller offers a comprehensive diagnosis tool to the user in order to evaluate quickly and reliable adult and children ECG.

CCAA diagnosis software:  Schilller in cooperation with Professor Hein J. Wellens, MD, developed  the optional Schiller Culprit Coronary Artery Algorithm that can be used in the emergencies or outside the hospital whereas a fast decision must be made when the patient fills a chest pain. The software is the only one that indicates the occlusion site in the coronary artery indicating even the size of the are at risk!

Thrombolysis Recommendation software: This unique optional software gives indication about the advisability of using thrombolysis in case of cardiac ischemia. This additional information is especially important for patients with chest pain.

Automatic preview

The ability to preview the ECG before printing, reduces the need of printing as a result to reduce operational costs.


CARDIOVIT MS-2010 is the next generation of spirometry for a complete spirometry examination that includes the measurements FVC, SVC, MVV and their sub parameters.

Also, with the built-in diagnosis software the user is ready to provide directly a full report to the patient.

Additionaly, the user can do a “Pre” and a “Post” examination in order to report the effects of a medication that has been administrated to the patient

Finally, It is available with two sensors which comply with the latest standard of ATS/ERS: the SP-250 that does not need any volume calibration nor cleaning-disinfection and it is immediately available to be used to the next patient and the SP-260 that need periodically calibration and easy cleaning – disinfection.

All exams are saved in the same memory with ECG thus the user has the full report for both examinations


Due to the buit-in six channel, high resolution, printer, the user is always ready to print the ECG in real time either throught the manual mode or either through the automatic mode.

Always connected

As the device has built-in LAN ports, it easier to be connected to any network, local with a PC or and to a hospital. Thus, it offers Bi-directional communication with the dedicated from Schiller software SEMA 3 or / and EMR/HIS systems, that makes it easier access to data for immediate transfer of ECG and Spirometry final reports. Additionally, through the optional GSM port, the device is ready to transmit ECG examination to the dedicated software SEMA all over the world. Finally, through the USB port, the user has the ability to transfer any examination from the memory as a PDF file to a USB stick.

Display: 800 x 480, 10.4’’ color touch screen, 12- lead

Filters: Power supply filter , myogram filter, SSF (Schiller Smoothing Filter), SBS (Schiller Baseline Stabilization).

Sampling frequency: 4.000 Hz

Power supply & battery: external medical grade supply. It can operate with battery up to 3 hours or for 100 recordings in auto mode. 3 hours for a full charge of the battery.

Recorder: high resolution, six (6) channel recording to a thermal printer more than 110mm.

Interface: wired (LAN) and wireless (WIFI) network (optional), GSM (optional), 1 USB

Memory: up to 350 ECG recordings.

Weight: approx. 1.5 kg

Dimensions: 258 x 193 x 50 mm

Standards: complies with IEC/EN 60601-2-25 IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-1-2

Accessories that are included:

  • 10-lead ECG cable
  • suction /extremity electrodes
  • thermal paper