MARLED V16 & V10
The MarLED V10 & V16 is a reliable surgical illumination, consisting of MarLed V16 and MarLed V10 satellite light. The VariLUX feature also allows for unrivaled adaptation of the light field to the shape of the surgical space.

Perfect for Integrated Systems

marLED® leaves room for all options. The lighting system consists of the marLED® V16 main light and the marLED® V10 satellite light. Moreover, these LED lights are dimmable to such an extent that, in the light output range of 2 to 29 percent, marLED® can be excellently used for background illumination. The operating light can also be used with the surgiCam camera system, e.g. for transmission of surgical procedures to TFT flat screens.

What’s more: marLux® users wishing to convert or supplement their lighting systems can do so easily because marLED® is fully compatible with the modular design of marLux®.

Space-saving design

The main and satellite lights are a perfect match in terms of form. This makes it possible, for the first time ever, to position all lights side by side in a way that utilizes the available space optimally. This, in turn, creates room for movement – free space that can be used for other equipment such as a suspension arm for integration of a surgiCam camera system.

Laminar flow compatibility

Thanks to the elegantly segmented housing with its positively aerodynamic lines, smooth finish and small air flow contact surfaces, marLED® can be perfectly integrated into laminar flow systems. As a result of their ideal properties, KLS Martin operating lights impress with their first-rate performance under air supply ceilings with low-turbulence displacement flow.

In the focus of surgiCam

marLED® can be easily used in conjunction with surgiCam if you wish to document surgical procedures for training purposes, make use of live transmissions or consult with external surgeons during operations. The camera system is available in different versions and can be operated with integrated OR systems. Digital image data is recorded in server based databases. surgiCam delivers first-rate images in SD or HD quality straight to your TFT monitor. In its advanced version, all the camera functions can be remote-controlled from PC workstations outside the operating room via password-protected access control.

Model V16

  • Lighting intensity 1m 160.000lux
  • Color temperature adjustable from about 3,800 /4.300 /4.800
  • Light field diameter 25-35cm
  • Color Index Ra 95
  • LED life of 40,000 hours 

Model V10

  • Lighting intensity 1m 130.000lux
  • Color temperature adjustable from about 3,800 /4.300 /4.800
  • Light field diameter 23-33cm
  • Color Index Ra 95• LED life of 40,000 hours