Stellar M22, Laser Ιατρικής Αισθητικής

The future of skin treatments starts now The Stellar M22™ is a powerful modular multi-application platform, inspired by the brightest constellation in the sky. It enables you to safely and effectively treat different indications in different skin types, age, and gender, without the need for disposables.


The Stellar M22 is one of the most advanced, intelligent skincare innovations in this universe or any other.

With four technologies in one platform, you can treat over 30 skin conditions and hair removal.
Stellar M22 is fully upgradable, giving you infinite possibilities.

  • Pigmentation & Tattoos
    Non-invasive treatment to reduce unwanted pigmentation and tattoos.
  • Textural Treatments
    Fractional skin rejuvenation solution to improve skin texture.
  • Acne
    A gentle IPL treatment that addresses both the p.acnes bacteria, as well as the pigmentation and rednesss of the skin.
  • Photofractional™
    Sequential treatment of IPL and ResurFX™ for both skin texture and tone, for overall improved skin appearance.
  • Vascular Lesions
    Non-invasive treatment for Leg Veins, Facial Veins, Broken Capillaries, Rosacea and redness.

One modular system.

A galaxy of treatments

The Stellar M22 enables you to treat more patients and expand your business. Discover the infinite possibilities available with the Stellar M22 for these key treatments and many more.

  • Offer a truly holistic treatment approach
  • Attract more patients
  • Enjoy a competitive advantage for your practice


  • Large storage compartments, both on system and in cart
  • Easy to learn and use with the treatment presets
  • Ergonomically designed with practitioners in mind

The Stellar M22™ OPT® advantages:

  • Control pulse shape by equalizing energy distribution over the entire pulse or sequential pulses.
  • Gentler, more comfortable, patient-friendly procedures, with lower effective fluences.
  • High peak power, shorter pulses – optimal for photorejuvenation and treatment of benign pigmented lesions.
  • Advanced OPT will also allow determining the specific fluence per sub-pulse when using multiple- sequential pulsing (MSP™), for fine- tuned treatment settings.


  • Stellar™ IPL
    One applicator, numerous treatments
    9 Filters and 3 Lightguides, changeable in seconds, to treat over 20 skin conditions and hair removal.

  • ResurFX™

For True Fractional Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing
Just one pass for effective skin resurfacing, saving time and protecting the patient’s skin
Extremely versatile state-of-the art CoolScan™ scanner, for customizable treatments.
Unique algorithm for controlled non-sequential pulsing ensures precise, homogenous and safe energy delivery for reproducible results.
Efficacious and fast, with up to 20% coverage in one pass with continuous contact cooling for maximizing safety.
Cost effective upgrade with NO disposables.

  • Multi-Spot™ Nd:YAG

With Multiple Sequential Pulsing Technology
Precise and comfortable treatment with 3 cooled and easily changed lightguides


Unique algorithm for controlled non-sequential pulsing ensures precise, homogenous and safe energy delivery for reproducible results.

  • Q-Switched Nd:YAG

For Tattoos and Pigmentation Removal
7 spot sizes for customized treatments 4 of which are available also as disposable tips

Q-Switched Nd:YAG
“Top-Hat” beam profile advantages:
Enhanced treatment safety due to avoidance of bulk heating using homogenizer.
Top-hat beam profile minimizes epidermal damage, tissue textural changes and the occurrence of scarring.
A lack of an homogenizer might result in hot spots within the beam and increased risk of scarring.

Beam profile side view without an homogenizer

Beam profile side view with an homogenizer for a top-hat beam


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