Full-Digital Imaging Chain
The full-digital lossless RF waveform modulation technology is employed to achieve full-digital emission, transmission and reception of signals, so the image acquired is of high fidelity and low noise, resulting in superb image quality.

High-Density Integrated Coils
The combined imaging technology capturers signals of every coil element at the same time, providing imaging exams of multiple body parts with one scan.

Intelligent System Management
Automatic judgment of the system operation status; Fast wake-up in 5 seconds; Self-diagnosis of key functional components can greatly lower the operating cost of the system.

  • Intelligent Early-Warning
    Real-time component monitoring is provided to improve system stability and reliability.
  • Intelligent Wake-Up
    During the gap between exams, the system automatically enters the idle mode to save power. It can switch back to working mode in 5 secs if required.
  • Intelligent Control Networks
    Intelligent and distributed system architecture design can offer an excellent system stability. The 16-channels RF system based on optical fiber transmission realizes low noise and distortion, presenting high fidelity images.

Economic Design
All core components are self-developed to ensure high system stability. Equipped with high quality, zero helium boil-off magnet, significant reduction in operation costs is realized.

  • High Throughput
    Technologies such as full-digital RF system , high density integrated coil and unique bFAST parallel acquisition enable uMR 580 to significantly improve scanning efficiency and increase patient throughput.
  • High System Stability
    The robustness and stability of the system is fully proven with 600,000 times bending tests of coils, 120,000 times plug tests of coil interface, 360,000 times travel tests of examining table, and full load operation test of gradient system.
  • Zero Helium Boil-Off
    Extensive tests in clinical environments have demonstrated the magnet’s zero helium boil-off, producing a significant reduction in operation.

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