HD TOF PET Detector Technology
The uPMR 790 HD TOF PET technology includes digital PET detectors with an ultra-large 32cm PET FOV and 480 ps timing resolution. Together, these components can shorten the whole body examination. The 2.8mm NEMA PET spatial resolution enables the precise detection of subtle lesions, providing comprehensive imaging for staging, treatment planning and response assessment.

v3.0T MRI Technology
The uPMR 790 3.0T MRI offers high performance with 48 RF receiving channels, bringing a new level of coil density to PET/MR and improving parallel imaging acceleration. The 45/200 high-performance gradient provides efficiency and high-duty cycle, thereby improving diagnostic confidence. The high MR homogeneity with second order shimming offers excellent image uniformity and quality.

uCS Platfrom
The uCS platform enables the efficient application of compressed sensing in routine clinical workflow. The next-generation uCS imaging technology will push the boundaries of isotropic resolution and dynamic imaging speed.

uSync Research*
The uSync research platform realizes spatio-temporal synchronization by encoding MRI sequences, PET raw data and physiological information into the same data stream at the same time, bringing PET / MR research to a new level. This feature facilitates new research opportunities, including simultaneous tracking of PET and MRI tracers, simultaneous tracking of cardiac PET and MR, functional neurology PET / MR and multi-parameter radiology.

*For research only, not for clinical use

uCS Platform

  • uCS Imaging Technology
    uCS combines the strengths of conventional acceleration technologies and innovative Compressed Sensing, breaking through the limits of both speed and resolution with a maximum acceleration factor of 16 and sub-millimeter isotropic spatial resolution.
  • uCS Processing Engine
    The uCS processing engine is a high-performance computing hardware, including large memory, data network and premier CPU. The outstanding computational power is further complemented by a series of intelligent algorithms for ultrafast reconstruction.

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