There are not many companies having more than 100 years of life in Greece, especially in the health industry.

The activity of our company started in 1914 in Thessaloniki and from the beginnings of the 1960s it got a nationwide dimension. However, it is still headquartered in Thessaloniki; the city with which our name holds a strong connection having as a landmark our store at 72 Egnatia Ave. It is the place where a great and exciting story began, a story that keeps going!



90 Year Anniversary

Nearly 2,000 people attended our 90 Year Anniverasary Ceremony, at MEGARON – The Athens Concert Hall – Friends of Music Hall, in February 2008.

The ceremony, which was organized solely by the people of Papapostolou, had as a main theme the “Corporate Social Responsibility – Cultural & Social Sponshorship”.

Honorary guests were Athanasios Fokas, Professor at Cambridge University, Academician, and Fernando de Valenzuela, International President of the Association of European Journalists.

The ceremony, which was presented by journalist Irene Nikolopoulou, began with an audiovisual presentation and brief quotes from company executives, that described the company’s identity.

The main part of the ceremony followed, with Mr Nicos Papapostolou’s speech, which concetrated on the ceremony’s main theme. Mr Papapostolou said: “Businesses constitute a basic cell in the contemporary globalized market. Industry, trade, or service provider, it is a unti within society, which acts both as a giver and a receiver. It has to appreciate what it receives and handle it with the proper social responsibility, especially when it addresses an important sector such as Health”.

Mr Fokas speech followed, with the theme “Technology and Research – The New National Effort.” Mr Fokas focused on three main subjects:

  1. The definition of scientific research.
  2. The importance of reserach for the survival of human species
  3. The research in the depiction of the brain used as an example to prove that basic, industrial and technological research are a unity

The man part of the ceremony was concluded with Mr Fernando de Valenzuela’s speech, with the theme “Journalism as a Factor of Social Responsibility”. Mr Valenzuela said: “We have been living for a long time in societies in which the sense of responsibility is decreasing very fast. We live in societies that hardly remember the menaing of a Greek word, logos, which is the bass of any possibility of understanding, of communcation, of dialogue. The secret of the meaning of any image.”

The ceremony ended with a concert by the Orchestra of Colours, MANOS HADJIDAKIS, “Gioconda’s Smile”.

The event was honored by the presence of many prominant people of the Athenian society, and not only. Among them, were the Archbishop of Sina Damianos, the representative of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Father Maximos, the representative of the Patriarch of Alexandria and Africa Theodore II Metropolitan Bishop of Axomi Peter, former President of the State, Mr Christos Sartzetakis with his wife and daughter, former Prime Minister Mr. Ioannis Grivas, Ministers, Ambassadors, Politicians, Academicians, Lecturers, Professors, Doctors, FYROM’s Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Vlado Dimov, and others.

The event, was also greeted with an epistle by the Archbishop of Tirana, Dirachion and Albania Anastasios.

Professor at University of Cambridge, Academician, Mr Athanasios Fokas, (and invited peaker), President of the Athens Academy Mr Panos Ligomenidis, and Professor Charalambos Roussos
Former President of the State Mr Christos Sartzetakis with his wife Efi and daughter Petroula, and the evening's host Mr Nicos Papapostolou with his wife Kathy and daughter Dorothy
Mr. Apostolos Zambelas, Vice President of the "Alexandros Onassis" Foundation with his wife and Mr Nicos Papapostolou
Anastasia Milopoulou, member of the Board of Directors of the Mount Sina Foundation and President of H.E.D.A., Dorothy Papapostolou, the Archboshop of Sina Damianos, journalist Eleni Bistika, journalist Irine Nikolopouolou (presenter) and Orestis Papapostolou
Dr. and Mrs. Thanos Askitis with actors Maria Georgiadou and Stratos Georgoglou
Mr. Loukas Ananikas, General Secretary of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace, Kathy and Nicos Papapostolou
Honorary International President of the Association of European Journalists Mr. Athanasios Papandropoulos, journalist Irene Nikolopoulou, and International President of the Association of European Journalists (and invited speaker) Mr. Fernando de Valenzuela
Deputy Minister of Health Mr. George Konstantopoulos with Nicos Papapostolou
Surgeon Dinos Konstandinidis with his wife Marilena and Nasos Papapostolou with his wife Lia
Professor Dr. Sotiris Raptis with his wife and and Christina and George Anastasopoulos, UNESCO's embassador for Greece

Watch the ceremony videos:

Attendance - Part 1/15

Attendance - Part 2/15

Attendance and Start of the event - Part 3/15

The factors of success

Mr. Papapostolou's Speech - Part 1

Mr. Papapostolou's Speech - Part 2

Mr. Athanasios Fokas' Speech - Part 1

Mr. Athanasios Fokas' Speech - Part 2

Mr. Athanasios Fokas' Speech - Part 3, Mr. Fernando de Valeznuela's Speech - Part 1

Mr. Fernando de Valenzuela - Part 2

Mr. Fernando de Vlenzuela's Speech - Part 3

Orchestra of Colors: Manos Hadjidakis "Gioconda's Smile", - Part 1

Orchestra of Colors: Manos Hadjidakis "Gioconda's Smile" - Part 2



The Vision

Our vision is to stand out as the first choice in the perception of the medical community as the most reliable provider of integrated medical technology solutions.

The Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the health improvement and life quality of our fellow citizens, by providing innovative cutting-edge technology products and uninterrupted technical support by experienced personnel throughout Greece.


We stand onto the values that characterize the culture of our company, which are:

  • Social Responsibility: We act as a dynamic member of society, having high sense of responsibility and respect towards patients, customers and the natural environment.
  • Business Ethics: We emphasize greatly on transparency, adopt responsible business practices, and confirm honesty and integrity in our partnerships.
  • Focus on the customer: Our priority is to continually satisfy the demands and expectations of our customers, as well as to create long-lasting relationships of trust with them. At the same time, we take everyday care to provide immediate solutions to their problems, adding value to every opportunity of cooperation.
  • Quality: Our dedication to providing high quality products and services is a fundamental element of our corporate culture. Our company follows international quality standards for which it has been certified.
  • Innovation: We continually invest in new, innovative products and strategic partnerships with overseas manufacturers, which are internationally recognized as leading medical equipment producers. At the same time, we adopt technological applications that allow us to improve the quality of our services.
  • Reliability: We make sure to keep our commitments to the customer. We work with dedication in order to accomplish the projects we undertake with accuracy and speed.
  • Human Resources: Recognizing the crucial role our people play in fulfilling the company’s mission, we are constantly investing in attracting, developing and continuously training our staff. We preserve a work environment characterized by meritocracy, teamwork, collaboration and response to customer needs.


Our main activity is i) supply and installation of high technology medical equipment in hospitals, clinics and private medical practices, ii) technical support as well as iii) training of scientific staff in equipment operation.

We collaborate with leading and well-established manufacturing firms abroad over a wide range of medical technology products and applications to deliver complete solutions to:

  • Medical practices
  • Diagnostic centers
  • First level group medical practices
  • Daily Care Units
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Hospital Units

Our wide range of products, combined with our specialized and populous human resources and logistics facilities, enable us to undertake and deliver turn-key projects.

Particularly, we undertake:

  • Carrying out of studies of medical and furniture equipment for Nursing Units
  • Construction or reconstruction of sites
  • Supply and installation of equipment
  • Training of medical and nursing staff
  • Continuous technical support of the equipment

Moreover, we offer store a full range of orthopedic and medical care products to best meet the needs of patient hospitalization, support and improvement of their life quality.


In order to enhance the organization of our activities and provide excellent service to our customers all over Greece, we have established branches in Thessaloniki, Athens and Chania, as well as a network of specialized and experienced associates in various cities of Greece.



Our daily operation takes place with a high sense of responsibility towards our customers and society. Supporting social oriented projects is another essential link in the relationships we have built, while offer reflects our anthropocentric character and values. Our Corporate Social Responsibility program includes actions aimed at responsible operation and production of practical results, mainly in the fields:

  • Health
  • Society and Children
  • Workplace
  • Environmental Protection

Most of all, we invest in humans and we are particularly sensitive to issues that concern modern Greek society. We support the actions of Foundations, Societies, Unions and Associations and we help them to meet their needs.




Our customer is the focusing point of our activities and quality is our philosophy. Our basic principle and commitment is to provide our customers with high-quality products and services, provide the necessary resources and appropriate working conditions for our staff and ensure that our day-to-day operations have the smallest possible environmental impact.

To achieve our goals, we operate according to the most up-to-date Quality Management Systems following the International Standards:

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 13485:2012

ISO 14001:2015,

and Minister Decision, Public Health 8d/ General Registry 1348/2004.