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  • 25th Inter-University Radiology Conference
25th Inter-University Radiology Conference

Papapostolou Healthcare Technologies has the most modern and largest range of diagnostic imaging equipment, which you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with during the 25th Inter-University Radiology Conference, on May 12-15, at the Du Lac Hotel in Ioannina.

We invite you to visit our stand where our specialists will present to you the innovative functionalities and the exceptional possibilities of our equipment.

Among others, we have on display:

➡️ CT & MRI as well as the new generation PET / CT and PET / MR systems with artificial intelligence technologies, from UNITED IMAGING HEALTHCARE.
They are systems of exceptional diagnostic accuracy, featureing the highest technology standards in the global market. They provide health professionals with all the internationally used diagnostic programs available even in their basic configuration. This way, all patients enjoy equal and maximum diagnostic care from any UIH system.

➡️ The innovative capabilities of the mammography diagnostic station of the leading digital mammograph SELENIA DIMENSIONS 3D HOLOGIC with a high resolution 12MP display.
The mammogram SELENIA DIMENSIONS 3D has FDA approved and certified synthetic 2D mammography software #C_VIEW with the lowest possible radiation dosage, suitable for screening examinations with the Technique of Digital Decomposition in just 3.7 seconds.

➡️ The advanced technologies of the SUPERSONIC ™ MACH 30 ultrasound of HOLOGIC with UltraFast ™ Imaging that allows the capture of 20,000 images per second and features the following innovative applications:
☑ShearWave PLUS ™: New Generation Elastography, Reliable, Fast and Repeatable. Displays, analyzes and quantifies tissue elasticity in real-time.
☑Angio PL.U.S. ™: UltraSensitive Doppler that highlights micrοvasculature at very low speeds in tissues.
☑ Needle Plus ™: offers detection of the biopsy needle and virtual projection of its course.

➡️ The multi-purpose diagnostic ultrasound for general imaging, Resona i9, featuring:

  • ergonomic design
  • advanced technologies
  • innovative functionality

Suitable for general radiological use in a variety of clinical applications, in all fields of radiology

➡️ The M9 Portable Ultrasound by MINDRAY which is:
Equipped with Single-crystal technology heads and state-of-the-art software such as Tissue Tracking, contrast, autoEF and echo boost, it offers diagnostic accuracy even in the most difficult cases.

➡️ The new completely Web-Based Enterprise Imaging system PaxeraUltima 360, equipped with specialized diagnostic tools as well as artificial intelligence tools for the Breast, Chest X-rays and brain CT scans.

➡️ The diagnostic displays of JUSHA MEDICAL featuring very high resolutions, high brightness and color depth. The built-in dynamic LUT based on the DICOM standard can adjusts the brightness of the display depending on ambient light and lighting conditions. They are suitable for extremely demanding clinical applications.

➡️ The AeroDR digital detectors from the leading Konica Minolta company with CS-7 software and advanced imaging tools.
The AeroDR detectors are durable, provide high definition images and feature unique capacitor technology (Lithium Ion-Capacitor technology) for an unlimited number of charges without thefinite-life limitations of common Li-Ion batteries.


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