The innovation of the ATMOS® C 451 lies in the details: With the innovative DDS (Direct Docking System) it is simple to disconnect the canister, filter and suction hose from the suction unit – and when using the DDS canister system – can bw sterilised and used again. And all this within shortest time! In addition errors in hose connection are completely ruled out. At the same time it is possible to conveniently select the canisters by means of a changeover lever.

The advantages at a glance:

  • High-performance aggregate with a flow of 45 l/min
  • Quick vacuum build up
  • Extremely low noise level with max. 48 dB(A)
  • Innovative filter and DDS technology (Direct Docking System)
  • Smooth running by infinitely variable vacuum control
  • Maintenance-free


  • ATMOS® DDS – Direct-Docking-System

The ATMOS® Direct-Docking-System enables a direct adaption of the secretion canisters to the suction unit. Therefore, all hose connections between suction unit, filter and secretion canister are no longer required.

  • ATMOS® ball-shaped vacuum Controller

At common suction systems the vacuum is regulated with an air bypass valve. This amplifies the effect of a delayed availability of vacuum. During the vacuum build-up to the adjusted value the air bypass valve loses suction power!

The ATMOS® C 451 have an innovative ball-shaped vacuum controller where the secondary air opening is closed until the required vacuum is reached. Therefore, the vacuum build-up is significantly faster

  • ATMOS® DDS–bacterial filter

In comparison to common membrane filters the ATMOS® DDS bacterial filter impresses with its bigger surface, which guarantees a free air flow and simultaneously holds back 100% bacteria.

But that is not all – with the new „Silent“ generation of surgical suction devices ATMOS succeeded in implementing another product improvement. The air permeability of the ATMOS® DDS filter was further optimized, so that an increased suction performance is now available at the suction cannula. And all this without compromises with regard to overflow protection and holding back bacteria! Moreover by wetting with secretion, blood and other fluids the ATMOS® DDS bacterial filter guarantees an immediate flow stop. Any oversuction of the suction system can therefore be ruled out. This overflow protection works to 100% – an additional overflow bottle is not necessary

  • vacuum: 0 up to -91 kPa/-682 mmHg,
  • suction performance: 45 l/min ± 4 l/min,
  • noise level: >48db
  • dimensions: (H x W x D): 330 x 240 x 360 mm

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