SPECIALTIES : Radiation Oncology
Eclipse™ is a comprehensive treatment planning system that simplifies modern radiation therapy planning for all kinds of treatment.

Eclipse™ is an integrated and comprehensive treatment planning system supporting radiation treatment modalities like photon, including FFF beams, proton and electron external beams treatment options, low dose rate brachytherapy and Cobalt. With an intuitive Windows-based interface, Eclipse is designed to increase productivity for clinicians using simplified data settings and easy drag and drop functionality. Using leading edge automated tools, Eclipse opens the door for clinicians to create, import and optimize plans across numerous multiple linear accelerators. In a Varian environment, Eclipse integrates the ARIA oncology information system making workflow smooth, integrated and seamless. As Varian takes radiation treatment to the next level, Eclipse is designed to advance along with it.

Advanced Dose Calculation

Eclipse is an open, dynamic planning environment, continually advancing the speed and accuracy of dose calculation and integrating new developments as they become clinically available. Eclipse integrates the optimum algorithm for different treatment modalities.

Fast AAA for calculating dose effects

Using photon scatter kernels in multiple lateral directions, the Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm (AAA) dose calculation accounts for tissue heterogeneity.

Acuros® XB

The Acuros XB advanced dose calculation algorithm addresses two strategic needs of external photon beam planning: accuracy and speed. Acuros XB uses a sophisticated technique to solve the Linear Boltzmann transport equation and directly account for the effects of heterogeneities in dose calculations.

Acuros® BV for brachytherapy

Acuros BV enables clinicians to rapidly calculate patient doses for brachytherapy treatments with a high level of accuracy and accounts for the dose effects from bone, tissue and air as well as inserted applicators.

eMC for electron radiotherapy

The fast electron Monte Carlo (eMC) technique is based on standard EGS4 Monte Carlo methods but reduces the number of electron transport steps through the patient. The eMC technique is comparable to standard Monte Carlo simulation in transport accuracy.

Eclipse Registration and Smart Segmentation®

The Eclipse treatment planning system helps to address the time-consuming and challenging aspect of treatment planning contouring. Without going back and forth between standalone equipment, its integrated tools eliminate non-value added steps from the planning workflow.

SmartSegmentation knowledge-based contouring streamlines workflow, facilitating the definition of targets and at risk organs in an efficient and consistent manner.

RapidArc® Radiotherapy Technology

RapidArc radiotherapy technology integrates seamlessly with Eclipse to enable clinicians to develop IMRT-quality treatments with a single arc—for a wide range of treatments. By combining the power of Eclipse planning tools with the precision and speed of RapidArc, clinicians can develop highly individualized treatments with confidence.

Interactive IMRT Planning

Powerful 3D conformal planning tools in Eclipse are combined with interactive dose-volume optimization for fast, flexible, and accurate Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) planning. Automatic optimization of beam geometry simplifies the task of selecting the best beam angles for IMRT.

Clinicians can make real-time decisions using the interactive IMRT features in Eclipse. With thousands of patients at hundreds of institutions worldwide successfully treated with Eclipse generated IMRT plans, it is an established solution for IMRT planning.

SRS Planning

Using Eclipse to maximize collaboration, multidisciplinary teams can work together easily and efficiently. Eclipse integrates planning for frame or frameless immobilization and intensity-modulated or cone-based treatments. This means that stereotactic treatments can be added to a clinician’s portfolio of services without the need to learn another planning system. In Eclipse, interfaces for other radiation treatment planning services are incorporated and use the same intuitive interface for stereotactic planning.

Proton Treatment

Eclipse supports a variety of proton beam lines as well as ocular planning. Eclipse proton planning combines the latest in fast, accurate proton calculation algorithms with the power of the Eclipse treatment planning system to create a single system for proton, photon, electron, and brachytherapy planning. Proton plans can be combined and compared with other modalities, or used as the base dose for a boost.


BrachyVision™ works as a standalone brachytherapy treatment planning system or as part of an Eclipse treatment planning system. For clinicians wishing to perform film-based brachytherapy planning, Eclipse includes BrachyVision 2D. Users requiring image-guided 3D brachytherapy planning require BrachyVision 3D. The BrachyVision treatment planning system may be combined with the VariSource iX HDR afterloader and GammaMedPlus iX HDR/PDR afterloader.

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