The SE – 300 B electrocardiograph records all 12 lead – in electrocardiographs, quickly and accurately, saving time and paper, but also providing direct correlation of a group of leads.

It has a 3.5 “color LCD display for displaying all 12 waveforms simultaneously and features of the device.

It has an RS 232 port for connection to a cardiac data archiving and processing system as well as direct connection to an external printer.

Due to its small size and sturdy construction, the SE-300 B is suitable for use both in the clinics of hospitals and outpatient clinics, as well as private clinics and even in an ambulance.

It also has memory for recording about 500 ECGs.

3.5 “color LCD liquid crystal display displaying all 12 leads and patient-related information

At the same time all 12 kidnappings were taken

Built-in thermal printer.

Recording per 3, or 6s of Standard and Cabrera combinations.

Detecting pacemaker spikes

Simple use at the touch of a button

Automatic and manual recording capability

Built-in rechargeable battery lasting 6 hours.

Small weight

Small dimensions

It operates in a dynamic range of ± 9.5 mV with a frequency response from 0.05 to 150 Hz (-3dB).

It has parasitic discharge filters at 25, 35, 45 Hz (Muscle contractions) and at 50, 60 Hz (current frequency)

It has visual messages on the liquid crystal display

Adjustable recording speed

Adjustable sensitivity

Number of clamps from 30 to 250 BPM

It has a software program for the analysis of ECG measurements, analysis of the mean of the ECG complex as well as an analysis of the ECG measurement points, as well as an ECG diagnosis report for children and adults

  • LCD screen
  • Manual and automatic recording
  • 2 recording speeds of 25 and 50 mm / s
  • Rolling stand
  • Carrying bag