The compact high-end ventilator
  • Advanced ventilation modes including ASV® and INTELLiVENT®-ASV
  • Protective Ventilation P/V Tool® Pro for lung assessment and recruitment
  • Integrated high flow oxygen therapy
  • Adult, pediatric, and neonatal ventilation

The HAMILTON-C3 includes Hamilton Medical’s standardized Ventilation Cockpit user interface and the unique intelligent ventilation mode, Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV). The HAMILTON-C3S edition includes the optional INTELLiVENT-ASV mode. This unique mode takes the proven concepts of ASV one step further: INTELLiVENT-ASV automatically controls the patient’s ventilation and oxygenation based on targets set by the clinician and on physiologic input from the patient.

The HAMILTON-C3 includes the optional Protective Ventilation Tool (P/V Tool Pro) to assess recruitability. The P/V Tool also provides an easy and repeatable method for performing recruitment maneuvers.

The HAMILTON-C3 optionally provides an integrated high flow oxygen therapy mode with a flow of up to 80 l/min.

The HAMILTON-C3 offers:

  • Adult, pediatric and neonatal ventilation
  • Independence from air supply with integrated ultra-quiet turbine O2 supply either from high or low O2 source
  • Over 7 hours of battery operating time
  • Automated control of the patient’s ventilation and oxygenation with INTELLiVENT-ASV
  • Protective Ventilation tool for lung assessment and recruitment via P/V Tool Pro
  • Intelligent automated ventilation via Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV)
  • Advanced invasive ventilation modes such as (S)CMV, SIMV, APVCMV/(S)CMV+, APVSIMV/SIMV+, PCV+, PSIMV+ & SPONT
  • Synchronized non – invasive ventilation modes such as NIV & NIV-ST
  • Bilevel ventilation modes such as DuoPAP & APRV
  • Adaptive pressure ventilation such as APVcmv and APVsimv
  • Adjustable resistance compensation for endotracheal tubes TRC
  • Demand-flow nCPAP & nCPAP-PS ventilation modes (optional)
  • High flow oxygen therapy (optional)
  • Automatic response (leak compensation) to varying leaks and adaption of trigger sensitivity in all modes by IntelliTrig
  • Guaranteed rate ventilation by PSync
  • 1 in, TFT color 1280 x 800 pixel, touch screen with dimmable backlight
  • Display of 48 monitoring parameters
  • Visual representation of ventilator dependency and weaning process, grouped into oxygenation, CO2 elimination, patient activity, via Vent Status
  • Real-time visualization of the lungs with representations of tidal volume, lung compliance, resistance, and patient activity via Dynamic lung
  • Graphic display of target and actual parameters for tidal volume, frequency, pressure, patient activity, and minute ventilation via ASV target graphics
  • Real-time waveforms for Paw, Flow, Volume, Ptrachea, CO2, SpO2
  • Loops P-V, V-Flow, P-Flow, V-CO2 & trends up to 72 hours (optional), INTELLiVENT-ASV panels
  • Storage and display of up to 1,000 events with date and time via Event log
  • Integrated on-screen help for troubleshooting alarms
  • Volumetric mainstream capnography, sidestream capnography (optional)
  • Various interface connections such as USB, RS-232, nurse call(optional), CO2 (optional), SpO2 (optional)
  • Trolley with Humidifier support, cylinder holder
  • Tubing support arm
  • Standards: IEC 60601-1:2005/A1:2012, IEC 60601-1-2:2007, ISO 80601-2-12:2011 + Cor.:2011, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1:14, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005/(R)2012

Breathing sets HAMILTON-C1_T1_MR1

Breathing circuit sets, single use

  • User-friendly as flow sensor, tube, connectors and expiratory valve set are preassembled
  • Heated (for HAMILTON-H900 humidifier) and nonheated breathing circuit sets
  • Reduced risk of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) due to single patient use

CO2 measurement

  • Mainstream and sidestream
  • Reliable measurement
  • Comfortable fit

Expiratory valve sets

  • Specially developed for our ventilators
  • Quickly mountable and easy to use
  • High patient safety

Flow sensors

  • High accuracy of tidal volume due to proximal flow measurement
  • Specially developed and approved for use with Hamilton Medical ventilators
  • Reduced risk of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) due to single patient usage

High flow interfaces

  • Extra soft material and comfortable fit
  • Highly flexible tube to reduce the risk of kinking
  • Elastic and flexible, 360°-adjustable headband

nCPAP interfaces for neonates

  • High patient comfort due to soft materials and low noise levels
  • Optimal fit due to the flexible connection and adjustable adapter
  • Masks and bonnets from XXS to XXL


  • Effective dose of delivery
  • Silent operation
  • Small particle size

NIV masks

  • Comfortable positioning due to automatic adjustment of the forehead cushion
  • Four interchangeable elbows for any clinical use
  • Color-coded cord for quick release in emergencies

Oxygen measurement

  • Reliable measurement
  • Maintenance free with paramagnetic sensor
  • For all patient groups

Accessibility Toolbar