MEDUMAT Standard²
Every second counts in an emergency especially when the patient needs assistance with breathing. Fast and correct action can save lives. The demands made on emergency medical services (EMS) are high in such situations and easy operation of the ventilator is indispensable.

MEDUMAT Standard² offers a completely new view of modern emergency and transport ventilation. The display provides a clear, well-structured overview of all major respiratory parameters and optional ventilation curves. The familiar operation, e.g., for patient selection, makes intuitive use possible and the initiation of ventilation via entry of the patient’s height ensures a simple and guideline-compliant start to ventilation treatment. Clearly organized operating elements and symbols, plus effective acoustic and visual alarms are additional details that ensure the highest level of safety.

MEDUMAT Standard² also offers clearly better perspectives for flexible use. The integration of a robust flow measurement with sidestream capnography and the presentation of curves in the display provide ideal monitoring of the patient. With optionally available ventilation modes, MEDUMAT Standard² can be adjusted to any circumstances and users. In addition to IPPV, the device is equipped with the modes CPR (for cardiopulmonary resuscitation), RSI (for rapid sequence induction), Demand and CPAP (optionally with ASB).

MEDUMAT Standard² offers:

  • Low weight of 2.5 kg makes device suitable for ground and air emergency medical services
  • High level of mobility ensured thanks to the battery life of up to 10 hours
  • 5” color screen
  • Sidestream Capnography (optional)
  • Flow measurement(optional)
  • Volume-controlled modes: IPPV, CPR, RSI, SIMV (optional), SIMV + ASB (optional), S-IPPV (optional), Inhalation (optional)
  • Pressure-controlled modes (optional): PCV, aPCV, BiLevel + ASB, PRVC + ASB
  • Spontaneous breathing modes: CPAP, CPAP + ASB(optional)
  • Displayed measurements: pPeak, pPlat, pMean, f, fsp Vte(optional), MVe(optional), Vleak (optional), etCO2 (optional)
  • Curves: Airway pressure, Flow (optional), CO2 (optional)
  • Portable system LIFE-BASE makes MEDUMAT Standard² CPR mobile.

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