Full Field digital mammography system 2D/3D with Tomosynthesis Function,  manufactured by Hologic, USA, designed to deliver excellent 2D and 3D images at the lowest possible radiation dose.

The Selenia Dimensions system is available in  multiple packages and options to meet your facility’s unique needs. Τhe latest   technologies  have been incorporated to simplify workflow and facilitate high patient throughput.

Each system package offers:

  • A flexible platform that allows you to start with either 2D mammography or the Genius™ 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ exam for screening, diagnostic and interventional procedures. Or, start with a 2D  mammography-only system to which you can add  the Genius 3D MAMMOGRAPHY exam and 2D/3D™  biopsy in the future with a simple upgrade.*
  • User-friendly controls featuring intuitive icons and function screens allow you to efficiently progress through procedures.
  • An optimized system design with proven results:
    • The fastest breast tomosynthesis scan available, less than 4 second
    •     15-degree scan, providing high in-plane resolution.
    • Swift acquisition of projection images enabling rapid reconstruction of high quality images.

The revolutionary technology of tomosynthesis enables radiologists to identify and characterize individual breast structures without the confusion of overlapping tissue. Instead of viewing tissue complexities superimposed as they are on a traditional 2D mammogram, the radiologists can now scroll through the layers of the breast in one-millimeter thick slices. Reviewing breast tissue slice by slice allows radiologists to view breast tissue in a way never before possible, thus minimizing the risk of false-negative or false positive screening results.

Hologic has progressed breast cancer screening even further by producing 2D images from breast tomosynthesis data using C-View software, resulting in a low dose Genius 3D MAMMOGRAPHYTM exam with superior clinical performance compared with 2D alone. The low dose 3D MAMMOGRAPHYTM exam is performed in a rapid <4second scan time for greater patient comfort, and low patient dose due to the elimination of 2D X-ray exposures.

Not all mammography exams are the same. The combination of Selenia Dimensions system’s Genius 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ exam and C-View software is clinically proven to be more accurate than 2D alone for all breast types. C-View software produces 2D images from images obtained during a Genius 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™  exam without 2D exposures.

Benefits include:

  • The fastest breast tomosynthesis scan available- Less than 4 seconds.
  • Less time under compression to improve patient comfort, lowering the risk of motion.
  • Clinicall

The unquestionable superiority of SELENIA over any other digital mammograph has been proven by EUREF certification. The SELENIA digital mammograph is the only mammograph in the world having been awarded the “Mammographic Type Test” certification by the European Reference Organization (EUREF).

Its innovative technical features are:

It has a unique flat panel of amorphus selenium (aSe) for instant conversion of X-rays into a digital signal without any other conversion to an intermediate form of energy. It preserves image sharpness by completely eliminating the image degrading effects of light diffusion.

70mm pixel pitch, the most effective pixel size for visualization and characterization of smallest microcalcifications

FAST PADDLES (full automatic self adjusting tilt) that provide proper and consistent compression across the entire breast without overcompression at the chest wall

MammoPad breast cushions that make a mammography exam more comfortable for the patients without comprising the quality of the image.